Why Wooden Poles Are Better Than Plastic Cones

There are two good reasons why the use of wood is far better than that of plastic. This can be looked at from many angles in the sense that both materials have many uses for man and his beast. Man and beast still work well together for both business and pleasure. One of the great pleasures for man and beast today is that of sport. To ensure that both man and beast excel, a lot of training must be completed on a regular basis.

And the responsibility lies with man to take great care of his beast. Take the sport of show jumping, for instance. This fine sport has been enjoyed by both man and horse for centuries. During the modern era, however, it has not always been a pleasure for the horse. Rather, it has indeed been a pain. Every time it is faced with a row of plastic cones and indeed a plastic jumping fence, it wishes to think twice before it mounts its challenge.

This is because the moment the plastic fence is not properly scaled; the horse can get injured easily. It is not so much the case with wooden jump poles. So, that takes care of the first salient reason why wood is better to use than plastic in the sport of kings practiced by a man and his horse. The second reason has to do with sustainability, and perhaps a third significant reason can also be added. The wooden jump poles are not just safer to use, they are lighter in weight.

They are also a lot more appealing to look at. After all, does it not add more charm to the very nature of show jumping? It is all for show, is it not.