Keep Your Pooch On All Fours

Our pets become part of our family. You become attached to them as if they were children. When they are hurt or injured it pains you to see them battling. When they are naughty they are reprimanded. When they are hungry they are fed. Just like your children. The thing with your pets is that often your children become so fond of them as companions that it becomes difficult to explain to them when they are in pain or even worse when they are getting old and are called back to pet heaven.

While your pets are with you, care for them, love them and provide them with what they need for a comfortable life. You really shouldn’t get one if you don’t intend on doing that.

When my first child was born we owned a huge black Great Dane cross Ridgeback dog. The dog was massive and believe it or not was called Snoopy. Ironic isn’t it. When my daughter was just a wee little thing she used to ride on the back of Snoopy as if she were a pony. Snoopy loved her and she Snoopy. We had Snoopy for years and yes there were times she was ill and we cared for her, took her to doggy doctor and made sure that our daughter’s companion was always there for her.

One night she got out of the gate. Being a black dog, she wasn’t all that visible in the dark. A car came around the corner and went straight into her. She was a tough old girl even with the greying area around the mouth. She was a little banged up and sore and her leg was broken. We rushed out pet baby to the vet to have her leg seen to. My daughter was beyond distraught. Being the professional our vet was, she recommended we use a dog leg brace on Snoopy to ensure that her bones healed. She was aging and it may take a little longer. It worked like a charm.

It took a little explaining for my daughter to understand why she couldn’t mount the back of her “pony” for a while but once she realized it she cared for Snoopy as if she were the last thing on Earth she loved. Snoopy was with us for many years to come and saw my daughter into her tweens. Unfortunately age caught up with her and her old joints gave in but thanks to the leg brace she was healthy and pain free for many of those years.