A Beefy Burger Or Two That’s Good For You And The Environment

Let this short note explain to you why this beefy burger is good for both you and the environment. It must also just tell you that, in actual fact, these are no ordinary beef burgers. They are bison burgers! Imagine that? Bet you thought the classic bison beast of old was extinct by now. Not so, not by any means. In fact, thanks to the dedication of a few great ranchers out there this magnificent creature of heritage is enjoying a great revival.

Let it be said that this unique burger doing the rounds of the internet is not just good for your health, good for the environment; it’s also good for your business. That is to say if you are running a diner, bistro, restaurant or café of your own. A new innovation or two, after surprising the loyal patron, never did any harm to the proprietor’s bottom line. And imagine their pleasure when they learn that they can now enjoy their meaty and flavorful bison burgers without having to worry about their health.

The bison meat is devoid of high fat levels and harmful bacteria typical to your ordinary butcher or supermarket varieties. That’s because the meat is always harvested free range. This makes it an organic and sustainable food production source. Those magnificent beasts that you may only have seen on your TV screens roam free just like they used to back in the day. This is even before the time before our pioneers were over-exuberant with their hunting rifles.

Today’s bison are farmed responsibly and every effort is being made to ensure the survival of this unique species, a very important part of America’s heritage now available to the rest of the world.